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CLAIM FREE ZEN UP TO 1 ZEN WORTH $8 EVERY 20hour Automatic Withdrawal To your Wallet

CLAIM FREE ZEN UP TO 1 ZEN WORTH $8 EVERY 20hour Automatic Withdrawal To your Wallet
Requirements 🔰

1)Open your Binance Wallet account (if you don’t have Create yours Here👉

2)Login your Binance account,Saerch for ZEN, Click on deposit and copy your ZEN wallet address

3)Now come back and create your GetZen account here 👉

4)You will see a box to input your ZEN Wallet, now paste your ZEN Wallet in the box, then confirm the recaptcha challenge and Click on claim. You don’t need to verify unless you want to use the horizon wallet Zen address provided by Zencash instead of binance

5)Every ZEN you claim will be automatically withdrawn to your Binance ZEN address

6)Now you have ZEN. How to turn it into cash?
login into your Binance account, You will see a box to convert your ZEN to BNB (A Binance token is worth N3600 per 1BNB) You can💹 trade/exchange the BNB to BTC or sell it for cash💲💰💰

🔰Hint:🔰To Earn and claim higher ZEN, Link your social media account to your Getzen acct, per account you link is x1, x2 for two accounts linked, Get 20% additional reward.

About the Author: Abdul Qadoos

23 years old blogger from Lahore, Pakistan. I am Internet Addicted and I Love to do Everything. Here you can read about Technology, Internet, Social Networking, Software, Games and much more..


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