Arfa Karim passes away and another Pride Pakistan Chapter is Closed today

LAHORE: The youngest Microsoft professional, Arfa Karim passes away (انا للہ وانا الیہ راجعون) at the age of 16 in a Lahore hospital on Saturday, DawnNews reported.

Arfa fell desperately ill last month and doctors say she has suffered brain damage, leaving her in a coma at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Lahore.

She was suffering from idiopathic epilepsy seizures which led to brain damage.

The medical experts say the epilepsy can be caused by various infectious and non-infectious diseases but in idiopathic epilepsy no underlying disease of the brain or body can be identified in the early or short investigations.

Arfa became the youngest Microsoft professional after completing her MCP in 2004 at the age of only 9.

Upon completing her course, Microsoft owner Bill Gates invited her to visit the company’s headquarters in the US. Software Development Division Vice President Somasegar also acknowledged her achievement in his blog.

Arfa was studying at the Lahore Grammar School`s Paragon Campus for her A Levels. She also received numerous awards and gold medals from private and government institutions for her achievement.

She received the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal in the field of science and technology in 2005, besides the Salaam Pakistan Youth Award.

She has also received President’s Award for Pride of Performance. She was invited to Microsoft Headquarters again in November 2006 as a part of the keynote session in the Tech-Ed Developers conference held in Barcelona.

Her funeral will be held at Cavalry Ground Lahore on Sunday, said Arfa’s father.

[Via: Dawn News]

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  1. Respected Bereaveds / Mourners,

    Peace be on you of God. Praise to God other than whom there is no God. May God bestow a great reward on you & grant you the ability to endure (the loss) & destine thankfulness for you & us for certainly our Souls, our Properties, our Family members, Parents, Brothers/Sisters & Off springs are (all) gifts from God, the Almighty & the Exalted & these have been given under our charge as if lent to us for deriving benefit up to a given time, being taken back by God, the Almighty on the appointed hour. Then, we have been ordained to thank when He bestows & to endure when he puts to test (takes them back).

    “Innalillah—hey—wa—Innaillah—hey—Rajaoon” Aayat—156, Surah—e—Baqra, Para—2. Who, when a misfortune befalls them, surely we are Allah’s & to Him we shall surely return).

    Your Marhooma Arfa Karim was one of these gifts placed under your charge. God the Almighty benefited you in a more enviable & pleasant way & took it back in lieu of great reward, mercy, pardon & guidance, provided you endure (and be thankful). As such you carry on with endurance (and thankfulness). See that your weeping & bewailing may not spoil your reward of which you may be ashamed later on. Beware that weeping & bewailing does not bring any thing back, nor does it remove sorrow & pain. Whatever is to take place is bound to take place. Whatever had to happen has happened.

    God pardon departed Soul; forgive sins & bestow His mercy & give to the dependents & relatives comely patience.

    While sharing your grief on the sad demise KHAIR FOR FAMILIES Organisation Australia & Pakistan did not intend to place any commercial message.

    It is merely to reaffirm our commitment & rehabilitating who have endured this colossal pain.

    Sorrowfully indeed.

    Natively yours,

    (Director—Pakistan KFF—Australia and
    Fulbright Distance Credentialed Counsellor,
    Interventionist, Addiction Journalist & Back        
    Channel Diplomat on Alcohol to Alcoholism & Drug Abuse).
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