How To Protect Yourself From Brutality/Atrociousness?

Yesterday I Wrote this in Urdu on I tried to cover this Article in English here. Tragedies are consistently happening from the past few months in this country. The Death of 2 Innocent teenagers in Sialkot, The Death of 2 teenagers by Raymond Davis in Lahore, Death of 7 Months Pregnant Lady in Karoot Abad, and now the death of a young boy in Karachi by rangers, squeezed me to get terrified of all this. I am afraid that anyone from us could be the next person have to bear the brutality of Security Officials, Public or Gangster. I am not sure that we can survive after that but I collected some points that can save us to confront the situation.
Here are few points to protect yourself and your community

Always be prepared.

1. If you are warn to stop. Stop right there.
2. Keep your hands in plain view. So the next person can see them clearly.
3. Don’t Make Sudden Movements.
4. Every Law enforcement agency has right to search you. Cooperate with them and keep your self calm in front of them.
5. Don’t try to talk that you will put them into trouble or warn them you’ll file complaint or use your resources to suspend them
6. If you have a reference of any official don’t try to call him until police or law enforcement agency got satisfied from yourself that you don’t carry any weapon.
7. Keep a pen and papers always with you.
8. Don’t show your Condemnation in front of any gangster carrying weapon.
9. While you are getting robbed don’t ask the robber or criminal that you know his identity even you know him or not.
10. Keep your Business/Job details Secret as much as you can.
11. Always carry some amount in night. It shouldn’t be in thousands.

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