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Screen Capture of Webpages in Firefox:Extensions

Being as a blogger or a web content writer a screen capture tool is necessary for daily use.  It helps you to generate screenshots relevant to your article and then put them in the post and publish it. There are various screen capture tools available, but here I will discus about some great Firefox add-ons which helps us to capture the entire webpage or selection as our requirement.

1. Screengrab

Screengrab is a great Firefox add-on to capture screens. You can save entire webpage, a particular

selection, Visible Portion or window in the JPEG or PNG format. It also helps us to save flash and Java applets.  After Installation you will get a small screengrab icon on t

he bottom right side of your Firefox status bar. When you click on it, it gives you the various options to save or copy the screen. Yes, you can even copy the screen to clipboard. Fast and Easy.

2. FireShot

FireShot goes one step ahead of Screengrab and apart from allowing you to capture screens partially or completely, it also allows you to modify the captured images. It lets you edit and annotate the screenshot and add graphics and text messages. Screenshots can be saved in 4 formats – PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP. Like Screengrab, FireShot also allows you to save or copy the screenshot to the clipboard. You could also directly email the captured screen. When you install FireShot, a small icon is added to the toolbar and options to capture the entire page or just the visible portion are added to the context menu.


3. Kwout

The Kwout Firefox add on is another cool app to easily capture and save webpages or online images. It also gives you the code for the screenshot which can be immediately embedded in your website.


4. Page Saver

Page Saveris a simple browser extension for capturing screenshots and has limited features in it’s free version. It lets you capture the entire page or just the visible portion of it and save it in JPEG or PNG format. You can also configure keyboard shortcuts for doing the same by going to Add on options after installing it in Firefox.

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